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JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2015: A new successful step for JMSA!!

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"Our mission is quite simple. A sincere commitment to advancement in science and medicine."

In New York, we have so many smart people from Japan who study or work in a wide variety of fields. While it seemed a good idea to launch a new academic meeting that provided a new opportunity for Japanese people in New York who are interested in life science, an important question remained. How?

With the strong leadership of the current JMSA president, Dr. Anzai, a highly efficient organizing committee was formed by six talented scientists and a medical student. The time for them to set up a big event was limited- only four months, but they proved that their commitments and efforts were all paid off at the inaugural JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2015 held at the Smilow Seminar Room of New York University on a beautiful Sunday, April 12, 2015.

More than 150 people attended the forum from a variety of areas, even from Japan! The auditorium was completely packed with scientists, physicians, and many others who are interested in life science. There were nine exciting oral presentations and the topics ranged from career development, to grant applications to latest scientific advancements, all of which were extremely helpful for the audience, and particularly for young trainees. In addition, recent JMSA activities were introduced by Dr. Yanagisawa and a JMSA student representative, Kenji Fujitani. After the oral sessions, poster presentations followed. After careful evaluations by the invited speakers, six outstanding presenters including a high school student were awarded the Best Presentation Award by Dr. Anzai. Among the six recipients, two presenters received tickets for the 2015 JMSA Annual Spring Dinner on Saturday, May 9th  2015. 

"I am very happy and excited with the huge success of this event. I believe that this event will encourage the enhancement of scientific collaboration and friendship between Japanese people who live in the US." said Dr. Shintaro Yamada of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the chief of the organizing committee who is one of the 2015 JMSA Scholarship recipients. “It is crucial to make this an annual premier event for JMSA. It was just a first step but I feel we are making history for the Japanese community in the US.” said Dr. Teruyuki Sano of New York University, a chief of organizing committee-elect for the JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2016.

Next year’s JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2016 will be held on Saturday April 9th at New York University. Please mark your calendar and we would like to thank everyone for their generous support and hope to see you all next year. We are actively recruiting new committee members for the next years’ event and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating in the organizing committee.

The following are the organizing committee members of JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2015. Please join us in celebrating their big achievement. Thank you all!!

Shintaro Yamada, PhD - Chief of the committee
Masako Suzuki, PhD - Treasury
Masahiro Sonoshita, PhD - Program
Kenichi Shimada, PhD - Conference room, registration
Masashi Yamaji, PhD - Website
Teruyuki Sano, PhD - Flyer production, Chief-elect for 2016
Yoshiko Toyoda - Student representative
Kimihiko Oishi, MD
Yuzuru Anzai, MD  

JMSA Health Care Lecture Series: Dr. Maki Kano talks about Adult Preventative Care and Maintenance of Health

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JMSA Health Care Lecture Series
Title: Dr. Maki Kano talks about Adult Preventative Care and Maintenance of Health
On 4/8, Dr. Maki Kano gave the 35th JMSA healthcare seminar at the Nippon Club on the topic of Adult Preventative Care: how to live a long healthy life. The event was well attended and Dr. Kichemon Asoma introduced Dr. Kano at the beginning of her talk. 
Dr. Kano's talk began with pointing out the importance of preventative care and trying to prevent disease vs. receiving treatment for an existing disease. She compared the preventative check up styles between the US and Japan, stating that the US preventative check ups are based on guidelines set by the US Preventative Services Task Force or USPSTF. The US check ups try to cater the physical exam and tests that are ordered based on the patient's individual risk factors , age, and sex. 
She mentioned that in order to maintain health, patients need to avoid the top two killers in both Japanese and US society which are cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attacks and cancers.  Her talk highlighted guidelines given the grade of A or B by the USPSTF to try to prevent cardiovascular disease. She went over guidelines and recommendations regarding assessing one's individual cardiovascular risk index, assessing for obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.
She also went over the latest cancer screening guidelines for cancers such as lung, colon, breast and cervical cancer.
She finished her talk by discussing vaccines that are currently recommended in the U.S. such as pneumovax vaccine for pneumonia, zostrix to prevent shingles, and Tdap to prevent tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. She went over age guidelines and the role that these vaccines play for health maintenance.
Her lecture ended with a lively discussion amongst the attendees regarding their concerns about health maintenance.
Pictures below:

Film Screening & Discussion at Japan Society: Fukushima: In Search of a Lost Future

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Globally renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Otomo Yoshihide, who grew up in Fukushima, is a vocal force on the plight of Fukushima, which faced a triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and radiation exposure. Otomo introduces the international premiere of ASAHIZA, a documentary that focuses on the now-defunct cultural hub of Minamisoma, located 15 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Otomo provided the soundtrack to this quiet yet powerful piece on the community's irreversible loss of space, time and memory. 

Fukushima: In Search of a Lost Future
Innovators Network
Film Screening + Discussion
Monday, April 20, 6:30 PM 

After the screening, this loss of space, time and memory will be further explored by Otomo and Dr. Shin-Ichi Niwa in a dialogue on the mental health of citizens living in Fukushima. Dr. Niwa is Executive Administrator, Fukushima Prefectural Hospitals Office and a member of the Board of Kokoro-no-Care Nagomi (KCN), a mental health clinic in Fukushima. In partnership with the Japanese Medical Society of America, KCN is supported with a grant from Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Followed by a reception.

ASAHIZA 人間は、どこへ行く(Asahiza, Ningen wa Doko he Iku). 2013, 74 min., Blu-ray, color, directed by Hikaru Fujii. International premiere.

Tickets: $12/$9 Japan Society members, seniors & students. 


JMSA 35th Health Seminar

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Announcing the Nippon Club 35th Health Seminar in cooperation with the Japanese Medical Society of America
Dr. Maki Kano will give a lecture on the topic: "Disease Prevention in Adults: How to maintain you health"
We hope you can attend the event.
JMSA Health care lecture team.

Third Japanese Association of Pediatrics in North America (JAPAN) Meeting

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Third Japanese Association of Pediatrics in North America (JAPAN) Meeting

"Let’s share our knowledge and experience to improve child health and development!!” A new academic association lead by Japanese pediatricians who work in the US (The Japanese Association of Pediatrics in North America: JAPAN) was launched in August 2014. On Saturday, March 7th, its third academic meeting was held at the Kravis Children’s Hospital of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. This meeting was another great success with an outstanding special lecture entitled “Fetal Medicine for Pediatrician” by Dr. Tomo Tarui (Tufts Medical Center) and exciting presentations by Drs. Maya Nishijima-Suzuki (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), Chikara Ogimi (Elmhurst Hospital Center), and Yuko Shiima who is a current trainee of Dr. Akira Nishisaki (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). Twenty-five attendees including medical students, residents, fellows and attending physicians from a variety of specialties enjoyed active discussions to gain knowledge from the experts.

“I am very excited about what we achieved with the past three successful meetings. My goal is to make continuous opportunities for Japanese pediatricians in the U.S. to expand friendship and academic relationship,” said Dr. Mika Ito (Maimonides Medical Center) who is a co-steering committee chief with Dr. Junko Nishita (Maimonides Medical Center). “We attempt to bridge medical communities between Japan and the US and I believe our activities will benefit Japanese pediatric health care providers as well as children and families who travel to the US. We really appreciate a generous support from JMSA!”

The meeting was followed by a reception dinner at Guzan restaurant in the Upper East side, which was organized by Dr. Miho Nakajima (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center).  The next meeting is scheduled in August 2015 and the speaker of special lecture series is Dr. Takeshi Tsuda, a pediatric cardiologist at Nemours Cardiac Center in Delaware.

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