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    The Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of medical and health care professionals with a knowledge of Japanese language, culture or customs. JMSA members are also proud supporters of local community efforts and educational scholarships.
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    Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of volunteer healthcare professionals who are working to contribute to the Japanese community. The organization was established in 1973 and our activities have expanded significantly over the years.

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Health Seminar and Lecture: Back Pain

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Last week, JMSA held a Back Pain Health Seminar at Nippon Club led by Dr. Erich Anderer. The summary of the event can be found below!

Major points of the lecture:

Back pain is a very prevalent problem and is associated with health care costs of about $26 billion dollars per year. Although there are some more insidious causes of back pain which should be ruled out (cancer, infection), the majority of back pain is often without an identifiable cause. In most cases, the pain is limited to a few days and can be treated at home with over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine. It is important to return to your normal activities as soon as possible since this has been shown in studies to be associated with better overall recovery. Physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, and steroid injections have all been shown to work in select patients with back pain that does not respond to self-directed treatment.

In a minority of cases, surgery is required for one of two reasons: 1) nerve/spinal cord decompression and/or 2) instability.  There are a number of surgical techniques such as microdiskectomy and fusion which are very effective in well selected patients.

In order to avoid the need for surgery in the event you have back pain, doing things beneficial to your general health (eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, staying active) are also beneficial for spine health. Specific activities that work on core strength, such as yoga, pilates, and swimming, are also very effective in alleviating pain and ultimately helping you avoid the need for surgery.

General points to consider:

  • everyone gets back pain
  • most back pain is not serious
  • most back pain can be treated without seeing a doctor
  • most expensive treatments for back pain do not work
  • the best way to avoid back pain is to stay healthy

When to see a doctor:

  • back pain longer than one month
  • severe back pain with a significant known medical condition
  • back pain associated with trauma
  • pain shooting down the leg or arms
  • back pain with bowel/bladder disturbance (urgent!)





JMSA Golf Outing 2014 at Crystal Springs

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As summer comes to a close please come join together with fellow JMSA members, friends, and family at Crystal Springs Golf Course for a day of golf. Use this day to catch up with friends before the year is out!
October 4th, 2014
Crystal springs course @ crystal springs
Tee time is at 10:00 a.m.
Lunch at the 9th hole with beverages and lite food after with prizes
$10.00 gift card for use in the pro shop.
Price per person: 155.00 
Special room rate if you would like to stay over a night. Mention "JMSA Outing" when booking your room.
Please register online (Click Here to be redirected to registration page) AND email John Belmonte at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register. Thank You.


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Calling For JMSA Community Outreach (JCOP) 2014 Applications:
JCOP is seeking applicants for its 2014 Grants.
All Japanese community groups and individuals who are seeking a grant to support their Japanese community outreach projects are eligible to apply.
Deadline for applications: October 15, 2014
Thank you
JCOP 2014



Through the years, JMSA has become aware of local organizations which have provided much needed medically and socially related support to the Japanese American Community. Many of these programs provide valuable services to the Japanese community through information sharing and support groups, and have urgent need for funding. With this knowledge, JMSA established the Community Outreach Program (JCOP) in 2007 in order to support medically related Japanese programs through grants .

The JMSA Community Outreach Program (JCOP) strives to become a liaison between community programs and corporations seeking to sponsor and aid such programs.


アメリカ各地には、地域に根付いた活動を展開する、日系の医療関連非営利団体(NPO)がたくさんあります。米国日本人医師会(JMSA)は、ここ数 年彼らの活動に注目してきました。これらのNPOは、地元の日系コミュニティーに対して、必要な医療情報を日本語で提供するだけでなく、独自のプログラム や企画・イベントなどを通して、実に様々な医療関連サービスを提供しています。しかし、いずれの団体もその活動資金不足は深刻で、差し迫った問題となって いるのが現状です。そこでJMSAは、助成金を通じて彼らの活動を支援しようと、2007年「JMSA日系コミュニティー・アウトリーチ・プログラム (JCOP)」を立ち上げました。地元の日系医療関連NPOと、支援意欲を持つ企業とをつなぐ橋として、このプログラ ムを発展させていく所存でおります。

2014 JMSA Summer Party

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Please join us at the annual JMSA Summer Party! Register online

Date: Sunday, August 3th 2014
Time: 4:00 - 7:00 PM
Location: Guzan (1534 3rd Ave, between 86th & 87th Street)

It will be held at the same location as last year! Dinner and cash bar. There will also be an entertainer for kids with a magic show, face painting, games and dancing! Feel free to invite any friends or family who are interested in JMSA.

To register for the event, visit the JMSA website at www.jmsa.org/news/events. Tickets are $40 per member/spouse, $50 for non-members, and $20 per student, resident or fellow. Please make sure to buy tickets under the appropriate category. Children under 10 are free but please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.jmsa.org with their names and ages.

Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $50 per member/spouse, $60 per non-member, and $20 per student, resident or fellow. If you wish to buy tickets at the door, please bring cash or credit card, and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance with your name and number of guests. Hope to see you at the party!

Health Seminar Series Vol. 33

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Please join us for the Nippon Club's Health Seminar Vol. 33 on the progress and clinical application of genomic medicine in Japan and the United States.

The seminar will be given by Dr. Kimihiko Oishi, who is an assistant professor of genetics and pediatrics at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. 

The seminar will be held on July 8, 2014, from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Nippon Club (145 W 57th St, bet 6th and 7th Ave)

Please RSVP to Mr. Naito at the Nippon Club and let him know you are a member of JMSA. 
Tel: 212-581-2223 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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