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What is the "Metropolitan Area Triage Tree?"

The "Triage Tree" represents a joint endeavor between the JMSA, the Japanese Consulate, the Japanese American Association  (JAA), and many  other organizations in the tri-state area dedicated to serving the Japanese/Japanese-American community.  The goal of the project is to facilitate health care access by the elderly, ensuring that they can navigate the system and are aware of all the resources available to them.  To do this, we are in the process of assembling a “triage” tree of all Japanese/Japanese-American-related health care organizations so interested parties can easily find the information and services for which they are looking.


How can I become involved?

In order to get started with the project, we are up-dating member profiles on the JMSA on-line directory, including services offered, insurance accepted, and providers specializing in geriatric care. We are also interested in any additional volunteer-oriented, community-service activities JMSA members would be interested in taking part or providing.

As you know, the elderly population is rapidly increasing and their well-being is a growing concern, both here and in Japan.  It is our hope that this joint undertaking will help those in the medical and health care fields connected with the Japanese/Japanese-American community ensure that their health care needs are being met.

To view a list of members involved in the Metropolitan Area Triage Tree, click here: 

Triage Tree

To view a list of members interested in geriatric care, click here

Geriatric Care

Please contact Amy Turitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with further inquiries.