2010 Holiday Reception

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The 2010 Annual Holiday Reception was a success! Please click, "Read More," to know more about how the party went!

Guests shuffled in one after another on this lucid night, filled with holiday spirit. Unlike the previous year, the JMSAHoliday Reception held on December 10, 2010 was welcomed by the weather gods with an appropriately chilly, winter season temperature. There were 89 guests in total who amassed at the Columbus Citizens Foundation located at 8 East 69th Street, New York, NY, to witness the ornately decorated tree and guest rooms, and to enjoy the company of other JMSA members. The night started off with refreshments and bite-size tastings of delicious culinary enticements, as people gathered around the center room for Dr. Makoto Iwahara's, president of JMSA, and Dr. Maki Kano's, vice president of JMSA and chairperson of the JCOP Program, welcome address. There were nine awardees of the JCOP Grant Program 2010 and representatives from eight Japanese corporation, who have generously made their charitable contributions to the JCOP Grant Program, a fourth year in the making. Needless to say, 2010 was a successful year for JMSA and the reception was the perfect opportunity to honor and celebrate those dedicated individuals who continue to serve for the community's well-being. We hope that you had an equally if not even more wonderful holiday season and kick off to the new year!


The awardees for the JCOP Grand Program 2010 are the following: BCnetwork, Hamilton-Madison House for Japanese Clinic, HEIAN, Japanese Educational Institute, JAMSNET, JASSI, Mimosa-no-Kai, NY de Volunteer, NY Sukusuku-Kai.


Picture 1: JCOP Grant recipients and several JMSA board of directors

Picture 2: JMSA President Dr. Makoto Iwahara (left), recipients of JAMSNET Ms. Isokado and Ms. Kubota, and Dr. Maki Kano.

Picture 3: (From left) Dr. Makoto Iwahara with recipients of JASSI President Hatanaka and Mrs. Kageyama, and Dr. Maki Kano.

Picture 4: (From left) Dr. Makoto Iwahara with recipients of the Hamilton-Madison House Japanese-American Counseling Center Mrs. Matsumoto and Mrs. Kirihata, and Dr. Maki Kano.

Picture 5: Mr. Iwao Kimura Vice President of Toyota North America Division (left), representing on behalf of the donors, with Dr. Robert Yanagisawa (right).