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About the JMSA Health Journal

The JMSA is, as our president declared, dedicated to promote the exchange of medical and educational information between the US and Japan, as well as in disseminating valuable medical information to the lay audience.   Many of the members have been giving medical and health related lectures regularly at Nippon Club, Japanese American Association and other places. The JMSA has decided to place the summaries and referenced materials of the lecture written in Japanese on our web site in the hope that this useful information may get wider circulation in Japanese communities. The series of articles is named JMSA Health Journal. We intend to include essays and reports of the medical meeting reports from the members of the JMSA.




米国日本医師会(Japanese Medical Society of America)では「米国日本医師会ヘルスジャーナル」と呼ばれる記事を米国日本医師会のweb site (に掲載することになりました。医師会のメンバーは、日本クラブ、日系人会などで定期的に健康、医学に関する有用な講演をしてをります。ジャーナルはそれらの講演の概要を基にして、また最近の学会報告なども含めて日本語で編集されます。日系社会の方々に利用して頂けることを願っております。