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Summer Party 2009!

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JMSA would like to invite all members in training to the annual Summer Dinner Party. Last year's party was a success (click here for photos), and we will continue the tradition of delicious food, fun entertainment, and great company.

Date: Sunday, August 16th
Time: 4:00PM ~
Location: Cafe Evergreen (1288 1st Ave & 69th Street)

Please click here to purchase tickets. Early bird prices are available until August 9th.
Thank you, and hope to see you there!

Golf Outing

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We will be holding our first JMSA Golf Outing on Saturday June 27, 2009. The event will be held at the Centennial Golf Club, and the fee is $175 per person. The round will be followed by a meal and awarding of prizes for performances both good and bad. We are still looking for two more players to complete our group. We welcome anyone with love for the sport of golf, no matter what your handicap is (we have seasoned players as well as true beginners in our group). If you are interested, please contact Dr. Makoto Iwahara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Japan Day 2009

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Come enjoy the 3rd annual Japan Day at Central Park!

JMSA physician and student volunteers will be at the Wellness Checkup tent.


Find details at: http://japandaynyc.org/main/


Date: May 31st (Sunday), 2009

Time: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Place: New York City, Central Park's East Meadow

How to get there: 6 train to 96th street station, entrance at 5th ave and 97th st



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For any questions about JMSA scholarships, please email Dr. Yanagisawa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

JMSA 2016 application is available now. The application is due by 12.31.2016. Awards are given out in May of each year during our Annual Spring Dinner. 

Before you apply, please make sure to sign up for our free student JMSA student membership!

Our Scholarships

The JMSA is dedicated to promoting the exchange of medical and educational information between the US and Japan, as well as in providing valuable medical information to the general public. Many donors, from private individuals to large companies contribute each year to the JMSA scholarship fund to support the education of medical professionals:

  • Honjo Foundation
  • Nishioka Foundation
  • Mitsui USA
  • Toyota Motors North America
  • Nippon Life
  • Kuro Murase MD
  • Anonymous Donors

By submitting the single application, you are applying for scholarships from various donor sources. The amount of awards varies depending on the donor but have ranged from $2,500 up to $20,000 in the past. In choosing scholarship recipients, the JMSA looks for candidates who:

  1. demonstrate academic excellence
  2. show a strong interest in the JMSA and acheiving its goals
  3. propose a clear, achievable project that will benefit the JMSA and the Japanese community

Please browse our website FAQ section for ideas on how to get involved and be sure to apply for free JMSA student membership.

In your application, you are required to briefly describe a project that you would like to complete related to the JMSA mission. The project can be anything. Examples of past projects include a service to connect elderly Japanese patients with health care, a medical blog in Japanese detailing the experiences of a medical student in America, and a collaborative web site to connect Japanese and American medical students. These are just examples of the types of projects that are feasible.

Reports of current and past JMSA projects are posted here: http://www.jmsa.org/student-members/student-projects

If you receive an award, you will be expected to attend the awards ceremony during the annual spring dinner in New York where you will have the opportunity to make a presentation introducing your project to the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee will contact with more details if you are awarded. You will be assigned a JMSA mentor who will help you with your project. You will also be required to submit an progress report once in October and again in March.

In addition to the application form, please submit at least one letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation should be from anyone who knows you well and can comment on how you exemplify the goals of JMSA. English letter writing is preferred, but Japanese is OK too.

Letters should be sent directly from the letter writer via email to the address below:
Robert Yanagisawa, MD
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The JMSA honors students in the medical professions who demonstrate excellence and a commitment to the values of the Japanese Medical Society of America.  Scholarship recipients are announced around April each year (the data can be variable because we must coordinate with our scholarship sponsors).  Here are the students who received scholarships in the past year and their proposed projects.

2015 JMSA Scholarship Recipients

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2015 JMSA Scholarship Recipients with Affiliations and Proposed Projects

Honjo-JMSA Scholarship

Kenji Fujitani (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
Expanding JMSA shadowing program and CPR community outreach program

Kenny Nakazawa (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
JMSA medical career night events to get a better understanding of different medical careers

Nishioka-JMSA Scholarship

Michael Hurley (Stanford University School of Medicine)
Organize a forum where students and physicians can share articles for evidence based policy recommendations

Kaoru Takasaki (Yale University School of Medicine)
Study the transition of physicians between US and Japan for success and barriers from a systems perspectives

Joji Kohjima (Rush Medical College)
Study inter-generational effects of atomic bombing and ionizing radiation

Mitsui USA-JMSA Scholarship

Priscilla Sugianto (Stanford University School of Medicine)
Learn to provide culturally competent medical service to Japanese Americans through survey

Claire Mann (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
Alcohol misuse among the Daiichi and Daini Fukushima nuclear power plant workers since 3.11

Yoshiko Toyoda (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Big Brother/Big Sister Japanese Medical Students mentorship program for JMSA

Naoka Murakami, MD (Medicine Resident at Mount Sinai Beth Israel)
“Dialysis Info Share App” for awareness and preparedness of emergency and natural disasters

Mika Ito, MD (Pediatric Resident at Maimonides Medical Center)
Establish the Japanese Association of Pediatrics in North America (JAPAN)

Toyota-JMSA Scholarship

Dan Ebner (Brown University School of Medicine)
A carbon-ion radiotherapy study at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) in Chiba, Japan

Christina Anderson (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai MPH program)
Study the Post Traumatic Growth (PTGI) of students and guide medical schools’ response to future disasters

Nippon Life-JMSA Scholarship

Jiae Lee (SUNY Downstate)
Keep JMSA website current as a web team among project organizers and student members

Ayumi Maeda, MD (Anesthesiology Resident at Mass General Hospital)
Share strength of US anesthesia training system with Japanese colleague

Kuro Murase MD-JMSA Scholarship

Shintaro Yamada, PhD (Post-Doctorate Fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering)
Organize a science forum for all Japanese medical and biomedical researchers in NYC

Raymond Sekiguchi MD-JMSA scholarship

Fumitaka Sugiguchi (Weil Cornell Medical College)
To create a Japanese Medical Students Database in US and Outreach for JMSA

Kathryn Iwata (NYU School of Medicine)
JMSA student recruitment through school financial aid services and medical student body clubs

2014 JMSA Scholarship Recipients

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2014 JMSA Scholarship Recipients


Honjo-JMSA Scholarship

Alisa Prager (Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons)
Project: Organize Nishimiya fellowship to send 1-2 students to Fukushima/To start a shadowing program for students within JMSA

Kenji Fujitani (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
Project: Continue on Mt Sinai Global Health Trip to Fukushima/Continue to work on CPR community outreach program

Kuro Murase, MD-JMSA Scholarship

Fumitaka Sugiuchi (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Project: To create a web based forum to encourage interaction within JMSA community

Mitsui USA-JMSA Scholarship

Kay Negishi (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
Project: Mixed method study to identify similarities and differences in learning processes among Japanese and American medical students

Yousuke Horikawa (University of California, San Diego School of Medicine)
Project: Developing a Japanese pediatric Teaching clinic.

Atsushi Sorita (University of Minnesota MPH program (Graduated from Tokyo University)
Project: To expand Ameilog

Alisa Yamasaki (Harvard Medical School)
Project: to understand the current post-acute care transition process at two large academic medical centers in Japan and the US: Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

Norihiro Yamaguchi (Resident, Beth Israel NY)
Project: Conduct a systematic review to address risk factors potentiating medical error among residents

Nippon Life-JMSA Scholarship

Miki Duruz (Mailman School of Public School at Columbia University)
Project: Situation analysis to provide specialized information about the characteristics of the Japanese population in NYC, which can be used to improve communication in an emegency. 

Nishioka-JMSA Scholarship

Michael Hurley (Stanford University School of Medicine)
Project: To study post op outcomes and complications in Japan and US, based on geographic variations. Using these data, to formulate evidence based policy recommendations.

Yumeko Kawano (Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons)
Project: Created a bilingual medical phrase book for Japanese people and it will be posted on Ameilog. She plans to expand by adding more clinical situations and scenarios.

Joji Kohjima (Rush Medical College – Rush University)
Project: Continue to study inter-generational effects of atomic bomb and ionizing radiation

Kaoru Takasaki (Yale School of Medicine)
Project: To study the transition of physicians between US and Japan, particularly from US to Japan

Raymond Sekiguchi, MD-JMSA Scholarship

Noah Berland (New York University School of Medicine)
Project: To leverage the JMSA physician directory into a map based search engine.

Lisa Akiyama (Oakland University: William Beaumont School of Medicine)
Project: Educate Japanese women about cervical cancer screening.

Toyota-JMSA Scholarship

Dan Ebner (Alpert Medical School – Brown University)
Project: Studying the health effects of radiation, evacuation, diet, and stress in Kawauchi Village, within the exclusion zone of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.